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Customer Raves

Customer Raves


Our journey began as a gift. Owner Manuel Baca received a course on brewing beer as a gift and before long he was upgrading the home brew system to accommodate full mash and adjunct brews.
It was around this time that the craft brewery  boom was happening around the Denver Metro area, so we spent a lot of  fun afternoons exploring each unique location and meeting the creative,  hard working, awesome people who were putting out fun and unique  creations, much to the delight of their guests. That's it, we were  hooked! 

Now we're delighted to bring that experience of community and craft to our corner of Littleton.


Erica & Manuel Baca

Customer Raves

Customer Raves

Customer Raves


“I love this brewery! I am able to hang out with my friends and watch my dog have a wonderful time in the dog park. The beers here are phenomenal!! Could not recommend this brewery more!" 

– Emma C.

“The perfect atmosphere to drink the best version of your favorite brews during all 4 seasons! We love all of your house plants and the food trucks are significantly better than most bar kitchens! This brewery represents the Colorado lifestyle we hold so close to heart.” 

–  Tyler D.

“One of the best craft breweries in the entire Denver metro area!! I wish my boyfriend and I lived closer. Awesome waitstaff and incredible selections. Definitely coming here again AND bringing our dogs next time. Best “dog friendly” brewery I have ever seen 👍🍺❤️🐶!!” 

– Beth H.


Customer Raves



Q: Are you dog friendly?
A: Yes and No.

We have a 2,500 square foot off leash dog park and leashed dogs are welcome on the climate controlled South patio where we also offer snuggly blankets.

Dogs are NOT allowed inside or on the West patio. (service animals excepted).

Q: Are you kid friendly?
A: Yes. Please respect our other guests by not allowing littles to run throughout the property unsupervised. 

We have lots of board games, skill games and a pinball arcade to help you keep them entertained.

For their own safety, children under 13 are not allowed in the off leash dog area. 

Q: How do I get donations for my charity/fundraiser?

A: Your cause must fit all of these requirements:

1. 501c3 Organization
2. Based in Colorado
3. Not politically affiliated

Please use the "Find Us" tab at the top of this page to reach out. 

Q: Do you have food?
A: We offer kettle chips, Sourdough pretzels with spicy mustard and three flavors of Lazo Empanadas which are available if we do not have a food truck.

We have a different food truck every day. 

The Coal Mine Kitchen restaurant next door will deliver food. Note: CMK closes at 2pm but we're in the works with a deal that will keep their kitchen open to serve us all night. Stay tuned! 

You are welcome to bring food in or browse our book of delivery options.

​Q: What other kinds of alcohol do you serve?
A: We are only licensed to serve craft beer which is produced on site and the occasional craft beer guest tap. 

We offer a rotating variety of our sparkling hard seltzer line, "Mine Water" which has been popular with folks looking for wine or cocktails.

Q: Do you have gluten free beers?
A:  Our Mine Water hard seltzer line is gluten free.

We use a product called "Clarity Ferm" to remove chill haze from our beers. The manufacturer states beer treated with this product typically tests out at less than 20 ppm, which is enough to be considered "gluten free" based on international standards.

Q: Do you clean your dog park?
​A: Yes, we deep clean the dog park several days per week with a product called QForce 256 which is used in hospitals, nursing homes and schools. QForce 256 kills everything from HIV to parvo and rabies viruses.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Not currently, but we would be happy to receive your resume. Please use the "Find Us" tab at the top of this page to reach out.